Sunday, September 7, 2014

Like a believer at a revival…


I got LASIK done, to be more specific I got conventional LASIK with Intralase flap. I can’t believe I’m on the other side of this process. I have been planning and saving for this for so many years.

I opened my big girl ING savings account in 2008 and made a separate account specifically for LASIK. Then all sorts of life happened and despite having the money squirreled away there was always an obstacle: my Rx not seeming stable, chickening out a bit and then the longest derailment, pregnancy and nursing. So finally, after Mr. Baby weaned I made an appointment.

I wasn’t nervous leading up to it and then it was suddenly really scary. I spent the morning of the procedure playing with Andrew and starting a long list of what-ifs. I hated the idea that a decision I made could have negative effects on my family. I didn’t think I’d be blind (thanks to the literature they give you) but I did think I could wind up a part of the very small percent who have a ton of complications and M & A would have to live with me as I dealt with them. There was {SHOCK} traffic on the 405 heading down to the procedure so, despite M & I being punctual people, I was a few minutes late. This was probably for the best since I was holding back tears when I hopped out of the car.

The procedure itself was intense but not painful. Bright lights, pressure, machines and people right in your face. But it was over in about 6 minutes and they shoved, err, led me out the door. M & A hadn’t even had long enough to get back from the errand they ran.

Immediately afterwards I was in some pain, SUPER photo-sensitive and a bit out of it. But 6 hours of rest and things were 95% better. Recovery is going well and I am at 20/20-20/15 already.

It blows my mind. I’ve only had glasses since I was 18 but I have hated them since then.

I am currently reading the fine print on a car commercial and reveling in every ridiculous disclaimer!

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