Friday, September 19, 2014

I’m SUPER Excited For my Pelvic Exam

It is silly how excited I am to see my OB/Gyn next week for my one year post partum check-up. It is also strange coming from me because I’m not very easily won over by medical providers...usually they annoy the crap out of me.

But Dr. Pat Morell at Evergreen Women’s Center in Kirkland, WA (– I want that to be very searchable) was so fantastic. The whole office was. When I came into the practice they were very vocal that you might not see the same doc every time and you might deliver with any of the partners- but they tried hard to be with their patients throughout. And he really did. I knew he was a good fit for me when at my first appointment he did an exam with me in a gown and then stepped out of the room so that I could get dressed before we talked. He was always careful not to make me feel vulnerable or uncomfortable when we talked. His time was precious but I had access to it. He also took a very (to me) reasoned approach to some of the lore and superstition that pregnant women are subject to (don’t eat vending machine lunch meat but Jimmy John’s is probably OK, eat cooked sushi in places that you would feel certain care about food safety, etc.). He took care of Michael too and listened to his questions and never seemed to make him feel unwelcome or out of place.

The true tests were the bumps I had along the way. He was always positive but truthful and really tried to help us be reasonable about things. When my due date came and went and we started talking induction he had the confidence in the process that I lacked and trusting him was SO helpful. I was really scared but he and the nurses there were all so helpful. Pat was patient but knew when to push the process and always had my health and Andrew’s at the forefront. I give his patience a lot of credit (maybe unfounded) for how well I healed.

The bottom line that I just can’t shake is that even though, for him and everyone at Evergreen, a pregnancy and birth are VERY routine, they recognized and reflected that it was huge and scary and very high stake venture for us. I have never felt so well taken care of medically. Andrew, Michael and me. I feel such a wash of weepy gratitude when I think of the care everyone gave my family.

Even after he was born they took care of us. When Andrew had to stay and the rush of worry and hormones collided in me I remember I was crying so hard that snot was dripping on the baby. A sweet nurse sat with me and fed me flimsy hospital tissues until Michael came back in the room.

Pat managed to get Andrew in for his circumcision so he wouldn't have to wait until discharge.

When I (ill advised) took a mirror to my vagina too soon post partum they got me in right away and then calmly reassured me that it was supposed to look like that and it would look better soon.

I have thankfully never really had a condition as long or bizarre as pregnancy and birth so I've never really spent so much time with a provider before. I'm worried it will have spoiled me for the curt and impersonal treatment I'm likely to go back to.

Because he really set a high bar and came through for the most important people in my life AND me. And I just can’t wait to see him and attempt to tell him so.

After I wiped the snot off of him

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