Friday, April 16, 2010

You know what he is?

The best!

Just had to post an official my-boyfriend-is-the-smartest- coolest-sweetest-most-awesome report.

My iPhone went kaput last night. Totally dead with hardly a whisper of life. If you know my attachment to my phone or own an iPhone yourself then you understand what a tragedy this is. I was a trooper and made it until lunch today before taking it in to an Apple Genius who was able to restore factory settings. I was thrilled! Just needed to come home and use my last backup to get my settings back and I was in business.


It tried not to restore. So my smart-cool-sweet-most-awesome sweetie got to work. He had to do some serious computer stuff and HOURS later I am syncing my phone again!!!

I am very relieved. I have had to entertain myself for the last 24 hours!

It influenced my workout plan today. I chose to swim rather than run in this gorgeous weather we're having. The swim was so very very hard. I am trying to do the 17 swim workouts that Team In Training gave us to prep for Issaquah. I'm on #4. It is very very hard and I'm slow. I'm not sure but I think swim fitness seems to fall off of a steep and painful cliff, more so than other disciplines.

Swim set was:

300 easy free warm up

4X100 hard, :20 rest between (this sucked and my final 100 was 1:55…BOO!)

4x200 with focus on lengthening my stroke

3X100 mixed cool down (I did breast, back and free)

It was so much harder than it should be.

Man, I'm glad it's Friday!

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