Friday, April 9, 2010

New York state of mind

I am in Syosset, NY (which coincidentally is where I used to send very large credit card payments) and is right next to Oyster Bay, Long Island (which coincidentally is where Billy Joel references in a song about his alcoholic days). I am thinking about doing a Billy Joel pilgramiage (though they are running us ragged at the, 9a-11p!).

I have a deep love for grocery stores. I love going somewhere new or foreign and seeing what types of food they have and how they display it and how it's priced. And when I go back to somewhere I like seeing familiar products and regional differences.

I haven't been to a Stop and Shop in over 4 years and I was excited to see some old friends. They have generic brand Lite bread and WOW Chips and lowfat snack cakes. I forgot that the east coast still has really bad for you "healthy" food. :)

I also saw these and had to give them a go. They weren't that yummy but the idea is intruiging.

Oh! I went for a run on tuesday and am thrilled to report that it was pretty good. I could feel that it'd been a month since I ran but i didn't have the severe nausea I'd been dealing with.

Headed to NYC tomorrow afternoon and staying there overnight. Oughtta be interesting.

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