Monday, April 5, 2010

Adult Boppy

Have you heard of the Boppy? It is a pillow to put your infant in so that they don't have to support their body weight.

In the last week I have come to appreciate my own version of the adult boppy.

It started innocently enough with me using ~5 pillows to hold my tummy and keep pressure on it. But then I realized I could place pillows such that I don't have to hold myself up at all. It's awesome!

I feel SO much better these days and am headed to a conference in NY tomorrow night. I am going to try re-introducing some activity while I'm there (use the hotel elliptical and such) and then when I get back, time to get busy!

I need to post/think about my feelings toward baby-steps in training. How much I dislike them and yet how necessary they may be, how I know when to push and when to listen to my body.

I think that's why I like running/tri, it is a process of figuring those things out.

61 days to Issaquah

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