Saturday, April 10, 2010

Amber Takes Manhattan

Reporting from NYC

I have had a very full and exciting day in NY today. Was in my meeting until 1pm and then headed straight to the city. I was pretty much TERRIFIED to drive in the city but decided to just be zen and pay attention and not stress, and it was all good! Got the car parked and out of my hair, checked into my super mod Best Western and went directly to the TKTS booth. I am staying right in the Theater District and my options were endless and all within ~2 blocks. I have always wanted to use TKTS cause you read about it in all the guide books. I couldn't decide between Mamma Mia! and Hair but the ticket guy made the decision for me because the Hair seats were way better and I have never seen it before.

THEN I successfully navigated the subway to go REGISTER FOR A RACE!

I saw a Competitor magazine and by chance there is one tomorrow! It is a 4-mile race at Central Park.

So I'll be running tomorrow. Hopefully I won't die doing 4 miles after so long. But I am here and it seemed a good chance to do one of (last year's) resolutions of racing in another state.

So I'm all set to go tomorrow.

George and John are watching my stuff for me.

My Pre-race dinner may have been a poor choice but was tasty


esther said...

omg, Amber! You are so amazing!!!! How super awesome that you saw Hair and are going to run in central park! Love it!!!

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds like a great weekend. I hope you enjoyed "Hair" and your run. I imagine that it is an instant PR since it is an unusual distance. Score! Can't wait to hear the race report. And bonus points for driving in NYC...I am pretty sure I couldn't do that.