Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'd nearly forgotten!

I was pretty deep into 1/2M training when I started not feeling well! I just read some old posts and realized I'd gotten up to 10miles in November. How sad, that I never got to do anything with those.

I have been relatively hard core in preparation for Issaquah. Getting in a good mix of swim/bike/run and combo workouts.

This weekend was no exception. In fact it was an AMAZING example of how good it feels to fit it all in.

friday: Spent the night with the nephews. They're nuts!
saturday: Checked in with my Mom then met up in Fremont for the Hopscotch Festival and Serious Pie afterwards.
sunday: Top Pot Doughnut Dash, nap, bike ride, laundry and yardwork.

Great weekend, no? I feel like I got to do it all.

The race was good. I need to do a race report on that but it is bedtime.

I need a late summer/early fall 1/2M. Ideas? Speedy thought we should all do the Disney half, which would be SO AWESOME. Not sure I can swing it though.

Hmmm, probably time to make decisions.

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