Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Absolutely, probably

So, here's the deal. I am going to run another marathon. I'm not sure when or where or if I'll be doing it specifically with someone else (but I would REALLY love the chance to be a part of my friend's (who'll need a blog name) 1st marathon experience). But I will run again.

It's funny, now that I've run a marathon I feel like saying "I'll get around to running another one" has more credibility than before I'd run one saying "I'm totally going to run a marathon." I'm not sure why. Maybe because the fact that I have run one means that I have proven the dedication and commitment required? Maybe because now saying it comes with the weight of knowing what it takes to get to the starting line, first hand?

I am not thrilled about the idea. If you remember, Speedy reminded me why marathons are BAD. And they are. Last year I really worked for it. I did my longs runs, as prescribed; I did my midweek runs, (mostly) as prescribed; I focused on my race nutrition, as recommended. And maybe that's it. I want to know where I went wrong. I figure, if marathon kicks my butt again then it was just that I, amberpdidit, am no marathoner. And that would be OK. But what if it was just a bad day? Or maybe I should have done a program that has more long runs? Or maybe I should have run in the mornings? Or maybe, or maybe, or maybe…

I think that this is why the marathon has mystique to those who aren't just naturally gifted. There are so many parameters that have to be worked out in order to ambulate 26.2miles.

Now, the unfortunate part about doing my 2nd one will be that now I feel like I need to have a loftier goal than survival (although I just barely met that one). So I will be thinking about that.

I'm also not sure when I want to get started. I REALLY wanted to do the Victoria Half Ironman with Team in Training. I'll have to reconcile that first off. I also have SERIOUSLY lost my ability to go long. So I'll have to start seriously assessing where I am and whether I will need more of a base.

I saw over at POM her marathon rules and I think I'd like to steal and adapt them for my new marathon adventure.

This is what I'm workin' with:

  1. Fashionably Flexible: Long runs on Fri, Sat OR Sun - whatever day works best for me.
    Yes, I have been LOVING my weekends lately and would be sad to feel shackled to one particular day.
  2. Weak Weekdays: Only 3 times per week MAX and not over 5/6 miles. I think this would help me mentally, even if not running-wise, because part of the hardship of marathon training for me was that I felt like I ALWAYS needed to run.
  3. Cerebral Caloric Intake: There will be NO 12 lb. marathon weight gain like last year. SERIOUSLY, I have to get a grip in this area of life, marathon or no. I abused my diet while training last year.
  4. Luscious Longies: 3 runs of 20+ plus miles, maxing out at 22 miles. I believe this is the key and, depending on when the race is, I see myself needing more than 3.
  5. Yoga Yahoo: Continue to do Bikram at least 2 days a week - aiming for 3. For me this needs to be biking or swimming (or maybe light weights) at least 2x/week.
  6. Healthapotamus: Get refocused on hydration/nutrition/vitamins/supplements. This will especially mean listening to my body and not messing around with injury. Also, using the Garmin as the tool it is and being smart about my runs.

I am actually WAY more terrified this go `round than before. I am worried about the time and energy it takes to do this. I am worried that getting through unscathed last time was a fluke and that I'll hurt myself. I am worried that I will disappoint myself this time; by not putting in the effort or not meeting the goal or letting down the people in my life by being busy doing something (relatively) dumb.

I don't want to marathon.

But I think I do.

(I fully reserve the right to renege on my decision)


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choala yummy said...

I think your plan is great! Plus, this time around you've consistently built up a strong athletic base. IMHO, the problem with most marathon training plans out there is that the point is just to finish. I feel like the thinking is, "Forget that you will feel like utter crap at the end, at least you finish."

If/when I run one, I want to have run distances greater than a marathon, several times prior to the actual event. I know this goes against every training plan I've come across, but I've been running almost my entire adult life and my recovery from runs is different from those that picked up running just a few years (or less) ago.

When I ran my 27 miler, I still put in about 80 miles total that week and I felt "normal." There is no way I could have done that type of mileage when I first started running, or even in my first few years w/o feeling horribly sore and worn out.

I know I should amp up my speed to challenge myself...but then that starts to feel like work and takes the fun out of running.

end of long and random comment =)