Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Luna Chix brick

Yesterday I did my first brick workout in quite a while. The Luna Chix were holding a swim/run brick at a local lake that is having a tri this weekend. The plan was a 1/2mile swim and a 4.5mi run. Sounded great. I needed to get a run in and I always jump at the opportunity to do a group OWS.

The swim: People were either doing the ¼ mi loop once or twice. I decided to go twice. The first loop was good; I spotted really well using what I refer to as the frog-method (lifting just eyes out of the water, either going into a breath or just as a spot). Once thing I've been trying lately is being conscious about elo9ngating my stroke. In the pool this feels awkward but OWS it feels more natural. Don't know why.

Not many people did the 2nd lap and I happened to be out in front all alone for awhile. That was BIZARRE! It was semi-freaky and semi-annoying because spotting had to be really good when there is no one to follow J

The Run: I forgot how much I love the moment during a brick when you feel your body switch over and feel in the groove with the new sport. I hit a lap on my Garmin to note when this happened for me on this run. It was at 0.7mi. My pace before that was fine (9.5-10.5min/mi) and my breathing was under control but until then it was like my body still felt like it should be swimming. I forgot how much I love that feeling.

The rest of the run was really good. It was a pretty hilly route and some of it was on trail. My pace really stayed near 10min/mi. I started to get kind of crampy in my right leg. In some ways it felt like hamstring/knee/heel tweekiness. Not sure what that's about. Maybe it is my body's first protest against the whole marathon thing.

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