Monday, August 17, 2009

Antsy as all get out

But mainly antsy to get out! I'm not sure what it is but I am SO excited about my trip with TheCap this weekend. I had no previous desire to go to Atlanta (did, once upon a time, think about working at CDC though), it is for a wedding in which I know no one, and it is late August and I have hair that doesn't appreciate humidity. But I'm flush with anticipation.

I think we've decided against doing the fun run there which is OK. I did though just realize a bummer about "marathon training." Do I attempt to fit in my long run (which is still mercifully short, 7mi) or say, "eff it" and make it up to myself when I get back. I'm tending to think the latter. Since it is just 7mi, I can do it on a workday without an issue. Plus it will be hot in the ATL, plus it feels like such a sacrifice to give up time for a run when you're on a weekend trip. I wish I didn't feel that way. I wish I felt like getting a run in, in a new city, is the only way to get to really see the city. I wish vacationing to me was only the means to see new things and understand others better, rather than an excuse to relax and eat and sleep to an excess. I mean, I suppose it's both but the excessive sleeping and eating is most appealing to me.


Starchy here (hehe) just pointed out that the marathon that my friend is thinking about is not until February (approx 28 weeks away). I'll have to figure out the timing of the rest of my training but what it reminded me was that I can totally not stress yet and not worry at all about the long run this weekend. Thanks, DSF!

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