Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week in review

As I type it is basically one week to the minute from when I was having a baby. 

Happy one week baby Miranda. 

In the time since we picked up the first home M ever bought. Where I started my family and the only home A's ever had. And moved to Bellevue. 

Whoa. To say it has been a lot is understatement. The rushing hormones and sleep deprivation have me too choked up for words right now. Except to say how fucking lucky I am. I have so much. Including friends and family who've pitched in to make this happen when we were on the edge of sanity. And lucky and proud to have M for a husband. The home buying/ remodeling process has not been easy on us but the way he's held things together and kept our wheels spinning for the past week is a reminder of how damn lucky I am to be on his team. 

Ok. Must sleep. Please enjoy this onslaught of baby pics. 

Slimy and new 

We interrupt these baby pics with Andrews first Oreo experience. 
We are pooped!

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Alicia said...

Well done!!!! A wonderful family. Baby m is so tiny and cute!!! And it looks like a is stepping into big bro mode. Congrats on it all and I hope rest finds you all.