Friday, December 25, 2015

Good problem to have

One of the many thoughts I'm having this Christmas night is how lucky we are to have so many people who love our babies. Andrew got SO much for Christmas. We didn't get him anything and Santa brought three toys. But he hauled a nearly full car of exciting new things to play with. Plus we left a bunch of presents under the tree at home. 

It's a little overwhelming. Having so many people think about your kids is really amazing. I assume the Christmas high of intense over indulgence (chocolate and gifts basically every few hours for nearly three days) will wear off for him but for me the thought that we have so much and so many will last longer than the 8! tubs of play dough the little goofball received. 

The same way that the gifts I've given my niblings over the years are only tokens that reflect how much I'm rooting for them in life, the gifts and love my kids got this season do the same thing for me as the parent. I'm so glad they have people who care about them. 

So even though I totally think we should implement a single gift policy and I'm really really leery of raising an entitled asshole (especially living in Bellevue now) I am so happy and grateful this Christmas to have so much love surrounding us. 

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