Sunday, November 29, 2015

Moving out

Ugh. You what the problem with moving is? You have to live while doing it. 

Very inconvenient. 

We have all of our essentials packed 
Just kidding. We need him right up until moving day (in 12 days!)

We are making progress but it's so hard to see what has been done and what is left through the mess and chaos of boxes and life. 

We've donated tons, trashed a sad amount and buy-nothing's our little hearts out. Yet there is still more crap. 

Michael probably has it worse than I do since he's lived here twice as long as me. (And I say with love is a little more likely to hang onto stuff than me). 

So we are plugging away at it. 

The weekend was good regardless. 

Thursday was nice. Andrew was the luckiest person at the gathering and basically everyone there was a relative or close friend to him. 

I made no- knead challah which wa sore try but had some texture problems. 

Friday was packing and cleaning and taking a few things to the new house!!!!
And pillow mountains. 
My younger sister came and spent the night and the next morning she and I watched mockingjay part 2. It was only ok but I'm happy to have seen it and together (thanks M!). 

We also have had a great potty weekend. Which resulted in letting Andrew pick out 21 pairs of character undies in celebration. 
He's living the dream. He could go weeks without laundry...if he weren't pigpen. 

He's been hilarious and slightly ridiculous since. He wants a new pair each time he goes potty. I know the feeling of being excited about wearing new stuff. 

Our neighbors have started turning on christmas lights so we've taken a few short (FREEZING) walks to see them. 

There has been lots of play dough action. 
Emily's masterpiece

Today we have been doing laundry and packing. We bought a BOB on Craigslist and an oven from Sears. 

All of this has been in the context of being nearly 37 weeks pregnant and sick with some ridiculous cold. 

Good but exhausting. I'm guessing that'll be the theme of the next few weeks and months. 

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