Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wordless Halloween weekend

This weekend was busier than I remember one being in a long time. 

Friday night my 5th and Andrew's 3rd trip to the dance at my nephew's school. 
Then hanging around at auntie heathers (he hilariously called her "teacher heather" which leads me to believe he thinks her house is a daycare-they do have the toys for it)

Saturday chores and lazy reading. 
Then Pumpkin carving at Margot's house. We told him in the morning that we were going to Margot's house and subsequently heard/ were asked about it all day. He was pretty excited. 
I got asked to make an Elmo pumpkin (Michael was assigned to make a Frankenstein pumpkin). I said I'd try  

Cut out a stencil with my crafting machine.
And I got 2nd place (in a run off with a child...that was close. )

Sunday I consignment shopped with my mom and now have all the baby clothes ever. 

Then it was his buddy E's 3rd birthday party. It was at a gymnastics school and it was SO cool. He had an absolute blast. 
Then home and a lazy sushi dinner where he tried his chopsticks for the first time. 

So busy but really good. 
Bonus is he had a fantastic potty weekend which included interrupting himself at pumpkin carving and during gymnastics to go AND success with both modes of elimination and no accidents at all. 

It was also cute how much he talked about everything we did. He loved it when the lights went out for pumpkin viewing at A&k's and kept telling us today how "Kevin made it dark." 

Plus our house now looks so festive with our newly carved pumpkins. 

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