Saturday, October 17, 2015

34, you're up.

Another birthday come and gone. It was nice if a little too starkly adult. Went to work where they had the nerve to have expectations of me and kept me thoroughly busy the ENTIRE day. Bastards. 

But then it was lovely. Met M over at the new house then the three of us went to KidsQuest late evening hours and shot countless balls through an air cannon (well that part was A's job) into tubing mazes M and I made. Then dinner. Then home to fall asleep on the couch/bed at 9 pm thanks to a mean insomniac episode which had me up since 2am...guess my body wanted me to experience the wee hours of my birthday. 
He still lights up in this little playhouse with a bunch of silly doorbells. 
Added bonus was that I needed to take approx 1000 pictures of myself to get one I recognized thanks to my weight and the fact that I think my nose has been swelling specifically this pregnancy. Ugh. 

The thing that cracks me up most in this modern world is how the inter webs and e-commerce celebrate your birthday. 

World market exlorerers club- $10 merchant credit. I love this one!!! That store is super fun and I spent mine on a potential baby wall hanging and some international type snacks. 

Starbucks- birthday reward. I thought the Bucks forgot my birthday but nope. As soon as I can settle in which ridiculous drink is never typically order I will raise a toast to our continued relationship. 

The mid-range:
Qdoba- bogo entree. They used to send chips and queso. Which was nice because even if you are friendless you can enjoy nachos. I've never understood the bogo for birthdays. Isn't that me just tagging along with a friend at lunch on my birthday? 

Every damn website I've ever registered for sent me 10-40% off of something. 

Rent the runway sent me a free rental whic I'll totally not use but (as the marketing team gambled on) it did remind me that one day I will have somewhere fancy to go and I will rent the runway. 

Our mortgage lender sent me an e-card and a post card. Thanks. 

The rude:
State Farm-a reminder that as I'm getting up there in age, I should really iron out life insurance. I also got a follow up call on the matter. 

So let's do this 34!

Side note though. I missed my little birthday challenge. I really loved having something (non food based) that was strictly just me celebrating being alive. If I'm lucky enough to do the birthday thing next year I will think of something. 

Side side note. Darn leap year means I completely skip a Saturday bday. Andrew skips a Monday and Michael (lucky) skips over to a Friday bday next time. 

And finally, because the sleep issue of the day is 5 am Charlie horses, I am not this snarky to actually feel this way but this song still makes me laugh a lot.

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Kathy said...

Happy, happy (belated) birthday, Amber! My favorite interwebs freebie used to be FREE noodles at Noodles & Co, but they didn't send me my email this year. :( Also on the list: free pancakes at IHOP and free burger at Red Robin, but both of those places are not exactly "eat alone" kind of joints.

Here's to a happy 34!