Wednesday, October 21, 2015

fall basics

Yep. I'm pretty basic. I blame it somewhat on going to college in Irvine. It cemented some basic behaviors. 

One of which is my propensity to try any seasonal flavor of anything. I don't even care if it tastes good- it is more a curiosity about the creativity and ridiculousness of the creator. 

So far this year (M will be shocked about most of these because my strategy this season has been to take everything directly to work- do not pass home):

This was SO DELICIOUS. I ate 80% of it off a spoon. 
These were good!
These were disgusting 
I hold reddi-whip above all amorphous solids but this stuff was ok. So far I've only eaten this off a spoon. But looking forward to having it on waffles. 

I found this year that there is a toddler correlation to pumpkin spice. It is pumpkin face. 
You want to ratchet up Andrew's joy over something? Put a pumpkin on it. 
We have started our surprise pumpkins again this year. A mini pumpkin shows up somewhere about once a week. He has taken to sleeping with the two tiniest ones.  

He also got a new smoothie cup (which he decided I should use while he stole my smoothie)
A pumpkin book (pictured with cupcakes above) and this pumpkin shirt. 
So basically he is living the life. 

His Halloween costume is coordinated to M but he has a few events where he needs to fly solo. So tonight I picked him up a pumpkin costume at the local consignment sale. Will report back with his reaction to that one. 


Kathy said...

He gets to BE a pumpkin?! What could possibly be better than that? Perhaps you should swaddle the new little one in a pumpkin get-up to encourage immediate sibling bonding? ;)

Titanium Spork said...

It's like the Great Pumpkin and the Easter Bunny had a love child and he visits your house. A-damn-dorable!!!! He is so cute with those pumpkins!
Fear not, liking seasonal food doesn't make you basic. Those are stunt food and stunt food isn't basic. Now if you were wearing black leggings, boots, big sunglasses, hair pulled back and drinking a PSL.......well, then we might have to talk. :-)