Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Voracious reader

Andrew loves to read books in bed. it's one of the most adorable sights to watch him on the baby monitor. He will sit up in bed and flip though books for 15-30 minutes before laying down. We usually let him take the book we read together to bed along with one or two other small board books and a super-sized board book (that is harder for him to toss out of his crib) lives in the crib full time. It is absolutely precious and seems like a great bedtime habit so Michael and I are already pretty attached to it.
spy cam

midnight on NYE. My mom asked if he was cramming for a test

In the meantime Andrew has grown 12 teeth and is currently working on his incisors. We totally respect his attitude when it comes to teething. In the past it has definitely bothered him as they've come in but other than some occasional grumpiness and some heartbreakingly sad refusal to eat foods he loves he is a super trooper. But he copes by chewing. With his front teeth we were really good at having teethers for him and all of his toys were designed for chewing. With his molars we found some good teethers that reached back into his mouth and most of his toys couldn’t get back to the spot that hurt. But these incisors are right up front and apparently very bothersome.

Now most of you are probably putting those two paragraphs together and realized he started chewing his books. When we first noticed we were bummed that he had ruined a few of his favorites but decided maybe he wouldn’t think some of his other books were quite as tasty and continued to feed them to him night after night. Finally we were like, “hmmm, guess he just likes to eat books.” And wised up and got a few indestructible books like one that my college roomie had gifted him. We also thought, well he wouldn’t chew on the giant book so that one (also a gift from Roomie) can stay. Wrong.

Could he have been more clear about the fact that he is in book chewing mode?

We may learn slowly but we do learn. The damage wasn’t as bad as I thought. Only five books were a total loss but a few of those were kind of special. Now he goes to bed with a nice solid teether and three indestructible books. It is working though he can’t quite sink his teeth into his new nightly reading I think he misses some of his old titles…maybe because he has long since digested them.

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Kathy said...

OH my gosh, he is cute. When I worked for public television, we partnered with a nonprofit that gave books to kids who often had NEVER owned a book. Their thank you letters killed me. "Do you think I could get another book next year?" Things like that. Ugh. Andrew is one lucky kid for SO many reasons. :)

aeep said...

Hey- are you judging him for not appreciating his books? He's just a baby. Maybe he's hungry.

No seriously I realize how much we have/he has. Just hope to raise him to appreciate and pass it on rather than be oblivious or indifferent to it.

Titanium Spork said...

Everything about this post makes me smile.