Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby V Day

Well, we have already arrived at the class Valentine's stage.

His daycare shares the weekly lesson plan and this week they were doing Valentine's activities (I love the format of their plans, they do all sorts of cool stuff). At the end of the email they said you could bring in Valentine's and that they are a part of name recognition activities. ;)

So I had to decide how far to go. My Facebook group for the silhouette is going nuts for their kids classes. personalized stuffed animals, eos lip balm cards and puns galore. But my son is 1 and I wasn't ready to set that bar.

So we went simple. I cut out their names in a heart. Andrew stuck stickers on a piece of construction paper and Michael glue the heart to said construction paper.

the name variety of kids today

It was less than an hour of work, Andrew participated and I think they turned out darling.

I'm not sure A was quite as impressed

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