Monday, February 16, 2015

Helping out our helper

I love having Andrew help in the kitchen.

Ok, ok. I think it really helps kids build life skills, makes them feel involved and keeps them busy and hopefully out of trouble. Plus the pride in their little faces is just too much.

But it is sort of a pain. When he was a little guy I would wear him in a carrier facing out and let him poke stuff with a spoon. After that we went to help from his high chair like handing me leaves of lettuce to wash or topping his own pizza. But then we got to the standing on a chair stage. Which sucked. It was annoying and nerve racking to me and he LOVED it. Problem.

attempts to work at the kitchen table

The good people of Montessori philosophy have an enormous and expensive solution in their "learning tower." Which is a stable platform for them to work from with rails to keep them from getting so wrapped up in their work that they teeter over. But my cheap ass was not about to spend that much on one. So I browsed Craigslist intermittently and forgot about it.

Then a facebook friend posted her toddler in his ikea LT hack!

I enthusiastically headed to ikea with my guys. I swore I had seen the hack as two ikea items being fused so we bought two and headed home.

I was bummed when an email from M revealed I had been hallucinating about the actual hack. But happily M problem solved and made it work, sending me a picture of the amazing final product. It looked even better than the original hacks, with a more secure bar and everything.

I rushed A home to see it.
It was love at first sight. He climbed right up and would have stayed there the rest of the night.

We have created a monster! He wants to see everything from his little perch.

He used to want to be picked up when we were cooking breakfast but now he is happy to climb up and supervise.

Daddy did good!

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Kathy said...

This is awesome!!!

Judy said...

What a fantastic idea!!! He looks so pleased with himself. :)