Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Off my game

I totally feel off my game in lots of areas of life right now. Work, family&friends, diet and training.

I feel like I'm doing a crappy job keeping balls in the air and secretly I think this is just plain laziness on my end. I know I can call my sister and make plans, I know I can wrap up at least some open projects at work, I know I can bust out a decent run/bike/swim workout, I KNOW I can choose to not buy cherry sours at the gas station. But I don't.

I have glimmers of my together self. I went for a decent 20mi bike ride this weekend and the cap and I have been swimming with some regularity. But I feel like things get in the way, and way too often, the main thing is that my internal drive has been slowed way down.

I know that there are bumps in the road and if I hang on and try to make little efforts, I'll get through this rut. But it feels deep right now.

My immediate dilemma is that I really wanted to do an oly this summer. The one I was considering is this saturday. My rides and runs have been oly-ish on their own. But no brick work. And my shin/ankle have been acting up. And I think my family might need me around this week and weekend.


Ugh. Do I spend the cash and effort just so I can have a tri in july?

(If not for the shin/ankle the answer would be an easy yes)

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esther said...

nah, skip the tri this weekend, especially if your shin/ankle is not 100%.

Cherry sours sound so good. I keep buying this sour candy when I'm at the checkout stand at Gelsons, Warheads strawberry rip-tape. I feel bad for buying it, but then enjoy every second of eating it.