Monday, July 12, 2010

live blogging: Yoga Video

10 minutes in: I am SO bored. We've only breathed so far, this is actually making me more anxious and no more limber yet.

14minues: OK, we're moving! Hopefully won't be back for 45 minutes :)

28 minutes: AHHH! I want to breathe again

34 minutes: I am hiding in child's pose, HELP

OK, I'm done. That was not pretty. I downloaded a podcast video thing and it was WAY too advanced for me. I like vinyasa (sp?) though, the flowy movement feels good even if it was too fast for me to do AND breathe and be thoughtful.

My goal of this yoga practice is too stretch out my achy achy legs/feet/ankles. I have been having major discomfort from my knees down for awhile now. It is almost like I can feel every ligament and tendon and they are all tight. My sweetie has implored me to stretch more and I have been trying too. Honestly I have always been a remarkably flexible person and never really stretched. Since I started running though I have noticed a decrease in my flexibility and figure some focused stretching would be helpful. This new discomfort is especially troubling because I don't want it to become a sign that I missed or ignored. I don't want to deal with ankle and foot problems, I want to baby my shins and knees. But running is hard on them, period. So I am trying a 3 pronged approach
1. Babying- I will do my best to stretch and ice and IBu.
2. Cross training-I am going to actively rest them by swimming and biking some more. And maybe I will find a yoga video that I can get through without blogging or dying.
3. Listen to them- the above approaches only work if I don't just completely ignore the issues. For example, I have hated my shoes since run #2 and have been too lazy to do anything about it. Os this week i will try new shoes.

I have a 4.5 mi on the docket for tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.


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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Bwaaahahahahahah! You live blogged a yoga video!! I think that is one of the funniest and least zen things I think I have heard in quite awhile. Too bad you don't have a Y membership because I went to a great class last night. Got my zen on and got seriously stretched. Back to Monday night yoga for me.