Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hallelujah and damn it all to hell!

It is FINALLY summer (as EVERYONE you see will tell you).

Oh, I feel like I have been waiting forever. And the arrival is just in time. It wasn't terribly nice on 7/4 but the weekend was a good one anyway.

My sweetie and I ran a midnight 5K. We ran this together last year and so we chose to stick together this year too (he had one chance to redeem himself for the finish line pic last year).

It was a good time. It is so much fun running on the streets at night. Drivers look confused and amused. I had a near miss when I tripped on a road divider. I was so close to being flat on my face...I was almost proud of myself for the catch (once I got over being embarrassed).

We ran it in and got a really good pic. I may actually need to buy it!

The 4th was good and quiet. We made an awesome taco night spread which worked out well since it was raining.

On Monday we did a long bike ride.
It was a good weekend.

then it got hot. Which, truly, I love. It was 75-90 which I love. Sun was shining and I got to go for a walk at lunch and soak in the sun and watch the poor Seattle children as they began to remember what the hot, glowing thing in the sky was.

then I went for a run.
I had to do 4.5 miles (Oh, I am on week 7 of HH's novice halfM schedule).
HOLY HELL! I was dying. (see the little red flag, that is a "severe weather warning, hehe)

I forget, I was born and raised in SoCal but my running self was cultivated right here in the damp and cool climate of the PNW.

It sucked quite a bit. I basically wound up walking the last mile.

So, bottom line. I am glad to have the sun. I am thrilled. Ecstatic. Overjoyed. (but I need some help in the hot running department)


Esther said...

You totally need to buy that pic!! You guys both look great! Sounds like you guys had such a fun weekend. And don't worry, I can't run in the heat at all since I do all my runs on a treadmill now.

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I hear you on the heat. I love, love, love it until I try to run in it. Then I just wither and wilt and want to take a nap in it instead.

So doing a HM training program probably implies a HM in your future? Which one? Since I missed out on R 'n R I am trying to find another one this year. Maybe Super Jock 'n Jill or Royal Victoria.