Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pain, anguish, agony

So it is time for a new jogbra. I learned this the hard way on my 10miler last night. It appears that my jogbra is roomier than it was when I bought it and my poor little (now as compared to when I bought the bra) breasts are getting bounced around like crazy.


Finding a jogbra was a huge task for me. I like underwire because I feel like none of the materials the great bra-lobby is trying to use to define and separate work very well and old school underwire is the way to go. BUT I also feel very strongly about having a racer back on a jogbra. It is annoying enough to deal with strap falling when you're stationary but when trying to run or bike it is a total PITA.

I was directed to Title 9 by a colleague and they have some awesome options.

(Go there! They have an amazing selection for busty ladies and their return policy is AMAZING! http://www.titlenine.com/jump.jsp?itemID=676&itemType=CATEGORY )

My current one is:
Triple Threat UnderwireA triple threat because you get support from an all-powerful, 360-degree Powermesh and racer-back construction, you get separation from a cushioned underwire and you get easy on and off with a back hook closure. Adjustable straps. Nylon/spandex. Our most supportive racer-back style, the Triple Threat is best for C and D cups. By Champion. Catalog/web only. 32-40 C-DD

It has served me well. However there are some serious downsides. The first is that the construction of the back means that you have to be a contortionist to get in and out of it. It also has very little room for adjustment, the straps have the capability but it doesn't translate to any change in suspension. My other gripe is it seems to dry rather slowly; when I wore it during the swim in tri's it stayed wet for a LONG time (*I should note that I have only raced in WA so maybe drying would be better somewhere that the sun shines). Oh, one more thing this bad boy gets FUNKY (but that may not be the bra's fault).

So now that it is replacement time the question becomes should I go for a straight replacement or try something new?

Here are some that I am considering:

Having-It-All Bra

Here's one time when we can have it all: we can have a bra that's super-supportive, super wicking and easy to get on and off. The fit is right on, snug in the right places (like under your breasts) and firm, firm, firm everywhere else. Wide, padded, adjustable straps never stretch. Front closure. Poly/nylon/spandex. Catalog/web only. 34-42 C-DD, F

Pros: Racer back, front secure closure

Cons: Not underwire which I think lacks support

Three Blessings Bra

When it comes to sports support, this bra is a threefold blessing. Blessing 1: a four-layer, 5 point support system gives you that "no-move" kind of compression. Blessing 2: with three layers of power mesh, this bra actually breathes, aaahhhh. And blessing number 3: an adjustable back hook closure means you'll be able to get it off without that postworkout struggle. The 3 Blessings has made believers out of all our largest-breasted testers. 80% Coolmax, 20% spandex. Best for a D or DD looking for a bounce-free bra that breathes. Catalog/web only. 34-38 B/C, D, DD

Pros: 4+ barbells which means it holds those puppies up and secure, crossed back (LOVE!)

Cons: Too restrictive?, no underwire, too much coverage?

Full Support Double Dry Over-The-Top Underwire

An underwire bra that's over-the-top when it comes to support and comfort. The comfort of seamless, the shaping and support of underwire, all sewn up into one wicking bra. Fully adjustable straps and back closure allow us to dial in just the right amount of support for our workout needs. Nylon/spandex. By Champion. Chest: 32/34, 34/36, 36/38, 38/40 Cup: B/C, D/DD

Pros: Underwire, classic

Cons: Not racerback, wily straps

So with these bras researched and with great determination I went in and tried on a ton. I jogged in place, did jumping jacks, arms circles, the whole bit.

Cup size perplexes me here. I want it snug so I tried going down a cupsize but NO GO. It is such a fine line between snug support and sickening spillage. Somehow I still wind up wearing a cup size that I had stepped down from in big girl bras (Bali, Lily of France, etc) which is a fun way to reinforce how tiny most runner-types tend to be.

Well, an entire hour later I triumphantly made a purchase. I decided to deal with the contortion required by my original bra and was buying a replacement. But it fit SO much better and I was glad I had been disciplined and bought a new one in a new size.

Then I got home.

Somehow I had bought an exact replacement: same size, same issues. Ugh! But at least this new one is in black :(

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