Thursday, April 23, 2009

No Rock `n’ Roll for me

So apparently the amount I blog is proportional to the amount I run (OK, I have failed to post on 2 long runs but still). There has been little running and very little blogging. I even have 2 posts drafted but for different reasons just haven't successfully completed them.


Anyhow, this is just to report that I will not be rockin and rollin here in Seattle on 6/27. I will instead be in sunny San Diego catching up with my high school peeps at my 10 years high school reunion. I am way more excited and curious than I was just months ago; high school was a BIG DEAL for me and I can't wait to see how all the people who were such a big part of my life then are now.

The trip should be fun. I love San Diego and am excited to show it to The Captain (who I still think should consider not blowing off his friend's b-day…SD is always there…unless it burns down). El Cajon, my hometown, is not the shiniest of all places but there is some good food, great friends and years of memories that I can't wait to visit. Greater San Diego though…that is shiny! Maybe it's because I moved away long ago, or the fact that when I did live there I never paid rent but I am a sucker for SD. The weather is gorgeous, the food is home to me, there is a different beach for whatever mood you're in, SD's little version of central park (Balboa Park) which is one of my favorite places in the world. I'm excited!


I am however worried the Cap will think I'm a freak because I have been looking into races in SoCal for that weekend. I want to do this because I'm missing the RnR and it was one of my 09 racing resolutions (which I adapted from his) to race in another state. I want to find a 5 or 10K maybe since bringing a bike and stuff would be annoying. We'll see what I find and I won't stress over it…just an idea.



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Anonymous said...

A run sounds like a good thing to do while we are there. Any good ones? Good ones, as in something that might be challenging for you, and feasible for me?