Monday, November 24, 2008

The Speed-ster

My virtual running buddy SpeedyDDS (which BTW I just noticed that her credentials are actually DMD) called me last night to say her foot is still hurt. I am SO bummed. I'm sad for her and kind of sad for me too. Her plan is to still sign up for the race but rest her foot completely until race day and decide how she feels.

Since I've been thinking about her a lot I wanted to share a bit about her.

Number one, I feel like I owe my running life to her. And really a good piece of my sanity too. The story (I tell often) goes that our housemate from college got married during the Vegas half-marathon 2006! Well when Speedy and I got together with Roomie afterwards we were sad that we hadn't been in running shape to be a part of her big day, so Speedy said "Let's be ready to run her anniversary half-M next year!" For whatever reason, this motivated me enough to get started and I truly can't tell those two how much it has changed me.

What I love most about Speedy is that we are kindled spirits in our levels of sarcasm and good-humored cynicism. She is one of the few people that I could talk to about my fear of dying on the side of the road where I simultaneously feel better about it and more certain that it is going to happen. I think we both thrive off of negative motivators (which is TABOO with Team in Training!) so I love her for that.

She is one of the most internally motivated people I know so I have deep respect for that. I have no doubt that she has the determination to be an IRON-woman if she set her mind to it…even though right now she says she swims like a rock (hehe). Sometimes I worry that she pushes herself too much; I am certain (in my medical opinion) this injury is from overtraining because she is a workhorse and pushes herself pretty hard.

She is also amazingly supportive. When she heard that I was training for a tri with TNT she passed my donation letter to her family and got them to contribute in my name. She was always interested in how it was going and, even better, she let me snark about scary Tri-stuff like cycling in the rain and swimming in lakes with dead bodies.

It was so much fun last year to have a snarky buddy to go to the expo and pasta dinner with. Together we don't move past our fears but instead see the humor in them. Tonight we're signing up for the race together at the same time so our numbers will hopefully be next to each other. This was her idea to make remembering our numbers easier for our loved ones should they need to identify a body.

Darn her foot! If she isn't there it just won't be the same.




Ran 15miles on Sat, felt really good.

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