Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nutrition (and I'm going to be a total girl for a minute)

A note on nutrition

I find that I am WAY less hungry marathon training than I was in the thick of Tri training. I'm not sure why that is. I know swimming seems to bring out the hunger monster in me but I just remember days when I couldn't go more than a few hours without having a snack; it honestly got out of control. But I felt like it was true, honest to goodness hunger and, for a while, I really felt like I was getting good at knowing what I needed. I had worked out how, when and, more importantly, what i needed to eat before a workout. And it was all good.

Then I started mostly running. And I got less hungry. And then I just started eating because I thought I could and because I wanted to. It started out innocently enough, a "reward" type meal after my long runs. Having lunch or dinner the day of my long run at a restaurant I had practiced avoiding. Then the slacking (snacking) continued on for the rest of the day. Then it all went to hell and I'm one step away from having bacon wrapped bacon with a side of gravy for a midday snack.

One of my earliest joys in running was that it let me eat a bit more and still either lose weight or maintain. It was that thought that pushed me through some of my very rough first runs. Even now that I enjoy running MUCH MUCH more it still makes me happy not to have to sit on my hands when I go out to happy hour.

I think though that it's time to get a handle again on the mental side of eating. Eating for hunger=OK, eating for other reasons=not so good. I need to get back to not only eating less but also thinking about nutrition again.

Now, on to being a girl. Despite the above, and despite the fact that the scale says I've not lost one pound, by some miracle of God, I just bought size 6 jeans.

Since forever I had always dreamed of a perfect 10.
Then, after some triathlon training, I though WOW! 8 is great!
Now, I can't wash these jeans for some time and the pockets are not so roomy. But wowza (I still feel chubby though and the glass doors on the cubes at work don't help)

today's workout was a spinning class and a 3mile run with a smidge of speedwork. I have been having a low volume week this week because of the weird pain in my leg. I have just done 2 cycling classes this week and an attempted run on Tuesday. Tomorrow I'm gonna try to get a run in after lunch.

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