Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reason #475 that round is my default shape

One major tip for weight loss is you shouldn't bring bad food into your house. The problem with that is that when I am feeling like junk food I turn into MacGyver. Because even household staples can be turned into junk food. 

So I bring you the recipe for Ghetto Chocolate Mousse 

1 box of the shelf stable whipping cream from trader joes. 
Some amount (1/2cup or so) chocolate chips. 

Whip the cream until nearly stiff peaks. 
Melt chips and slowly add chocolate to whipping cream until just incorporated. 
Transfer to a bowl and refrigerate. 

Bonus, use a rubber scraper to scrape any extra chocolate and swirl it into cream. It gets crunchy. 

This is ghetto because while it was delicious it was a little too grainy to be called mousse. 

The great thing about having little kids around is that I got to justify this as a learning experience. Andrew was seriously impressed watching the liquid cream grow larger and more solid. 

But let's be real- I just needed dessert. 

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Alicia said...

omg, this is my dirty little secret! Not your recipe, that is genius, but that I sneak around making junk food like macgyver! I have found that I am so embarrassed by this that having roommates helps. I tend not to want them to see me sink to my low levels of trying to make chocolate from cocoa powder. (but who am I kidding, having to sneak around to make my 'recipes' just makes me more sad and in need of more junk...)