Sunday, April 19, 2015

Whoa weekend

This weekend ended with a bang.

Started out pretty good. Andrew was home with a sick tummy on Thursday and not ok'd for daycare on Friday. I used that opportunity to take Andrew back to the ER to get his stitches taken out.

He did a great job and was rewarded with a cookie.

Then we went to visit Michael at his new office and out to lunch.

Then Andrew and I headed to the super fun children's museum nearby. I've been to this one many times with my Niblings over the years and with Andrew once. It is really fantastic but I've only been there on the weekend when it is really busy and the kids have to wait/share everything. It was nearly empty which was fun. Andrew's favorites included a little house with 6 lights switches (a toddlers dream), a ball blower and supreme to all other activities, a huge water play area.

Saturday started with a ridiculously lame cloth diaper change event. Ann-marie and I changed our children's diapers together in a room with 38 other people changing their babies. Yep. That's what we did.

But the day was redeemed by having them over to bbq.

(I did a piss poor job of taking pics-got none)
Then I crafted a bit and was so excited about the bag I made my mom.

Sunday. Sunday's headline was this:

Someone ran a red light and hit us. We are ok. Andrew's brand new seat we installed last weekend will need to be replaced, the car will need to be replaced but we are all here.

That shit was scary. Airbags, fumes, the horror in our guts the second before looking back at Andrew.

So now we are sitting here, sore, freaked and eating pizza. Beyond grateful for what did happen and a bit queasy about what could have.

Here is where I wax poetic about love and life and how fast things can change but I'm tired. I'd rather just lay here next to Michael and watch tv with our son sleeping in the next room.

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Victor Hermand said...

Whoa weekend indeed.
Stitches from previous activities
Followed by
Exploring new territories with dad
Aquatic adventures


Crazy car crash

And here I was all excited and feeling audacious because we got out of the house with the little one for an hour this weekend...

I sure am glad everyone is ok !!

Titanium Spork said...

Damn! So sorry about the car but so very grateful everyone is OK. Frightening stuff.

Kathy said...

Ugh. Car crashes are the worst. I'm so glad you're all okay, but I'm also bummed that you will have to hassle with replacing your car and dealing with all the resultant aches and pains in your bodies. Take good care of yourselves!

aeep said...

You'll be all about the town soon. But I don't recommend the car crash at all. Enjoy the squishy, hang out and gawk at her stage. Pretty cool

Victor Hermand said...

I agree, we are probably going to pass on the car crash :s. It's really scary stuff especially with the little ones. I hope everyone is feeling better after the shock of the crash. Take care !