Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I had a great and awful weekend.
Friday night was neutral. I was still feeling sort of run down and crappy and losing my voice for no reason. I did find time to craft a few little trinkets to send to a special birthday girl and her sibs.

And this for daycare just cuz I saw it on facebook.

Saturday was fun! Despite some sleeping antics from all three of us (M is getting up at 3am to do something for work, A set off his crib alarm and it disturbed him, me I don’t really know) we managed to pull it together. We went to a car seat clinic to FINALLY get a stubborn seat installed in my car. This meant we officially said goodbye to the infant seat. I am going to miss it so much.
That afternoon we headed to Seattle. A’s daycare was doing a “Parent’s Night Out” and the plan was hang out the 3 of us in Seattle for a bit and then drop him off and go to the Pompeii exhibit, grab some dinner and pick him up. We were a little short on time but we managed to do a walking tour of the water features at Seattle Center and the PSC. We showed Andrew the giant fountain and watched children get soaking wet in the cold. The. We went into the court yard of the Pacific Science Center (PSC) and ate soft pretzels and looked at the water features and dinosaurs there.

We then whisked andrew to MightKidz and went back to the PSC for the main event, the Pompeii exhibit. It was fun and interesting although the focus was more on ancient roman civilization and I would have preferred more about the disaster and how the city was uncovered.
Only picture I got on Saturday

Then, as Michael noted keeping with the hot molten substances theme, we went to fondue and ate melty cheese and chocolate.
We picked up a happy baby and headed home. It was a perfect afternoon.

Sunday did not go so well. I felt like absolute crap in the morning. I couldn't even Zumba! But I slept it off and we started to pull it together. We decided to grab coffee and go for a walk on the trail, a favorite activity of ours.
Andrew happily ran ahead in a particularly pedestrian hazard free area. All was peachy until he took a fall. It was his typical fall- body going too fast for his legs- happens all the time. But when I walked over to check him out I saw a pointy little rock right below his face. Then his little face looked up to me with blood running down it. He had taken that rock right between the eyes and had a big gash. Michael grabbed a tissue and I held andrew and the tissue while he ran and got the car. The bleeding stopped pretty quickly which was a huge relief to me. Then I could trade worry for guilt and sadness that I couldn't hold him in the car and that he was scared. Three hours, injectable lidocaine and 6 stitches later we were on our way. Starving (is there a law that says you wind up in the ER when you're hungry?) we took our happy little trooper for a MOD pizza (he insisted on walking).

Now I'm sad that he has such a big cut right in the middle of his face. Yes, kids heal well but it's going to take a while to bounce back from a six stitch sitch.
36 hours post stitch

Michael and I have spent the week on the whole spectrum of -holy shit an inch either way would have been an eye- if only we hadn't done the perfectly reasonable act of going for a walk- what have we done to put baby. For his part Andrew has been really great, doesn't seem to be in pain, does ok leaving his bandaid alone.

An injury/ER visit was inevitable. And I'm glad I wasn't particularly worried about him as I might have been for something infectious or more major but right smack in the middle of the face was a pretty spectacular showing.

He looked especially trashy when we got home on Monday. Ugly bandaid, filthy clothes and face, covered in glitter with his hands stained from construction paper. But damn that kid can shine through it all (at least to me)

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Kathy said...

Poor bug!! What terrible parents for taking your child for a walk. ;) I'm glad the rock missed his eye. :)