Thursday, April 2, 2015

I felt pretty!

Man, I did not realize the random reason for how much good a tropical vacation would do me.
Despite wearing a bathing suit >50% of the time I felt really pretty during this trip.

The past few months, all of 2015 for sure, I have been feeling like the frumpiest of the frumps. Likely due to not being able to get in a rhythm of eating well/not working on weight loss/gaining weight. Compiled with the fact that my wardrobe has majorly tanked and I have stopped any attempts at dealing with my hair.

It was really bumming me out. Looking in the mirror or at pictures and just feeling ugly and unkempt gets old fast.

But on vacation I wore dresses every day. I wore bright colors and my toes were painted for the first time in over a year. After the first day I started to leave my hair down and the salt and chlorine made it fall just right. Not to mention wearing joy on your face brings everyone up a few notches (this alone doesn't cut it because I have many photos looking like a happy fug).

It is a wake up call. I need to try to feel that way more. I have a pile of slacks to take to be hemmed. I need to keep working on my quest to find comfortable shoes that look good. I need to dig out that mascara (buy a new one). I need to go get another hair cut and start doing my hair.

I also need to get some more salt and chlorine in my life.

Oh, and I need a flower delivered daily. Preferably one that my baby has picked up off the ground for me.

*i wrote this on the plane. In the two days I've been back I did my hair once and today I am riding second day hair which hopefully looks ok after I wake up a bit.

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Titanium Spork said...

You are pretty and I'm glad you felt that way. I use a salt spray for my hair and it has made all the difference. It actually gives it body and some interest and I can't live without it ( bit o' hyperbole). My brand is Davines but any salon should have s good salt spray.

Kathy said...

Happiness is always beautiful! :) Cheery dresses, vacation hair, and painted toes just make it that much lovelier!

aeep said...

Well crap, I haven't done the math but something tells me such a spray is cheaper than relocating.