Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I possibly need an intervention

This happened today:

Now, in my defense. My current strategy is to get a new diaper whenever a new one comes out and replace the ghetto ones that I'd bought used.

But they are rolling new ones out so damn fast. And I've so far been really bad at actually removing the others from circulation. So now I just go too long between washes and get lazy about diaper laundry cause I have a ton.

But the old ones do need to go. They are stained, holey and embarrassing to take to daycare.

Also, this genius is named for Harper Lee. So there's that.

I actually don't regret buying at all. I just think I should have done a pocket instead of freetime. And this is when addiction is dangerous, when you can't admit it is a problem.

I probably don't need to bore you dear people with my (extremely ridiculous and boring) problems.

So here is Andrew wearing a hat, playing underneath his table and interacting with the cat:

(He's about to get bopped on the head)

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