Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I found it!

I have been REALLY struggling to get in gear lately. I just don’t want to run. It happens to me this time of year every year. Despite knowing that I will warm up and even enjoy a nice chilly breeze, I just can’t convince myself to go outside. That is majorly compounded by the fact that it is dark leaving for and getting home from work and I will not go out in the dark. Not to mention I just haven’t been enjoying it much anymore these days.
So I was stumped with what I should do. I hate bikes at the moment, swimming is good but labor intensive. I attempted to go hard core yogi; I did a one week trial at the Core Power Yoga studio that is steps from work. This was actually pretty great but I decided I like a bit more high energy and a whole lot less cost (yoga is pricey!).
With Michael at home right now he has opened up our evenings by having dinner ready or at least prepped. The extra hour this buys is SO FREAKING HELPFUL. It has allowed me to start going to the 7:30pm Group X classes at the 24 hour fitness down the street. The timing on this is great, the gym is really close so I can leave at 7:20 and A goes to bed at 8:00 so I am not missing a ton of playtime.
The downside though (or so I thought) was that the 7:30 classes were M/W Zumba and T/Th Yoga. About three Wednesdays ago I bit the bullet and went to Zumba. I was really nervous. I mean, Zumba has its own clothes. These people are serious.
Turns out I was nervous for no reason. It was so much fun. Almost everyone there was pretty terrible but hot damn, they were into it. Nobody seemed to care what everyone else was doing and just let it out. I danced as a kid but I would never have said I loved dancing (in the hittin’ the club sense) but it was really refreshing to just move. I told M when I got home that I could have gotten a better workout in the same amount of time but the mood boost made it totally worthwhile.

And it really is. The class is a ton of fun. I have since been to three more weekday classes and a weekend one. Zumba, for the uninitiated is a dance style cardio class set to Latin/hip hop music. After my first couple classes I thought that I still like step aerobics better because it seems like a better workout overall. But the Sunday class was insane. It was completely full which should have tipped me off to the quality of instructor. That class was perfect! It was a great workout, to the point I really had to push myself not to stop, while still being a ton of fun. It is fun to dance and I find myself dancing more emphatically in the car and dancing even sillier with Andrew .

Bad news, they switched the Wednesday class to 6:30. Good news I am asking Santa for the Zumba for Kinect and I am going to try to make the Sunday morning class a staple.
More bad news, I am signed up for the 12ks of Christmas in December, so I really ought to run. I am being sort of lackadaisical about it with an “eh, I can do 7 miles,” attitude. That might not end well.

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Kathy said...

Zumba! I have to try it now. Maybe I'll talk my yoga pal into joining me for it over break. Yoga suuuuucked this morning. Sometimes my old lady body is just not bendy enough and my knees, hips, and shoulders ache too much to be zen about it all!