Friday, November 7, 2014

Document, Document, Document

I’m really, really sad.

My iPhone 5S blue screened (AKA died in a sudden and spectacular way, never to be repaired). They replaced the phone but the last time I made a full back up…JULY 17th. Let’s run down event since that date: Our 3rd wedding anniversary, Andrew’s FIRST birthday (his first ever), meeting baby Margot, and other stuff. Turns out the pictures in the cloud are only the past 30 days. So I do have October.

I am so, so sad. But let’s explore whether I should be quite this bummed. I am pretty good at using my actual camera. Plus I share photos on Facebook, on this blog and on Instagram. If you really break it down, there isn’t one week of this child’s life that isn’t still safely documented. So it should be OK. I should just –wait for it- remember those days fondly, without the need for excessive photographic evidence. It has been done before. In the dark ages.

I will confess that I already miss having them for my 3 O’clock family fix. Most days of the week I would find myself browsing my phone for a quick mood booster.
So I shouldn’t be too devastated, but I sort of am.

My post traumatic experience coping mechanisms going forward: BACK UP THE DAMN PHONE. I also bought more storage space for iCloud (bastards). I am also going to blog more and blast my pics on Facebook more often.
Yep, pretty sad.

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Kathy said...

Oooohhhh, my goodness, the toofs!!!