Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The one where phoebe is in charge of ice

Pumping again. Getting more normal. I reached out yesterday to my reasoning board (who also happen to be the majority of my readership) about frustrations I'm coming back to at work. They both wisely talked me down from potentially damaging words and actions and I am feeling MUCH better today.

I am going to be like phoebe when she was put on charge of the ice (if you haven't seen that episode if friends please do).

I will take this opportunity to gush about the awesome people in my life.

My hubby: he is killing it at home. Baby is happy, he makes dinner and went to the drugstore to get me foot pads. He was nervous about being at home but I never doubted him. I also think he is having fun with it. Baby boy rolled back to tummy for daddy yesterday and I'm pretty sure that sealed the deal on how awesome it is to be home. Diaper laundry and all.

My baby: he rolls, he smiles, he sleeps alright (though I need to convince him that we only observe one four o'clock per day). He reacts hilariously to solid food.

My right breast: she outpaces lefty every time. And she is always game to go again.

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Our wonderful friend a&K: they are going to watch baby boy tomorrow so we can go to a holiday party. I hope he is his awesome self for them!

The aforementioned panel of reason: isn't it great that you can panic and be able to reach help so quickly. May have saved lives.

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