Monday, December 16, 2013

Monday, Monday

Man I love the weekend. That hasn't changed since maternity leave.

Let's see. I succeeded in my work wardrobe challenge for a full week. My goals were: no jeans, hair done, bb cream applied and at least one piece of flair.

What I learned from that week is:
-I need to figure out shoes
-It isn't hard to not wear jeans of you have more pairs of pants (I now have four pairs, two from banana republic, one Chico and one jcpenny) all of which were sourced from value villiage for 2-7$ and taken in to be hemmed for $14 a piece)
-my ears may be sensitive to super cheap earrings
-I need more moisture beyond the bb cream but that stuff is fantastic.

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Kathy said...

I stopped wearing makeup more than 20 years ago (?!) and just discovered BB cream. I loooove it!