Monday, February 20, 2012

Things I Like Right Now

For starters, for making this post possible, my Eye-Fi wireless SD card. This thing is amazing.

Our dish washing station.

M and I weren’t really on the same page about where wet sponges should go. I usually keep them in the sink, he usually sets them near the counter by the faucet, either way neither of us really liked our solution. Then on a whim we were wandering through Target and saw this guy. It was a tad pricey (for a sponge holder) but we gave it a try and…it rocks. It is a dish washing command center. It is pretty stable and the sponges dry out nicely.


Settling our Settlers.

We really like Settlers of Catan. But the board stinks! It is a lot of different pieces that can shift (if for example, they get walked on by a cat). For Christmas 2010, M and I bought each other the same gift. A potential solution for stabilizing the board. My solution didn’t pan out too well but we finally tried his (a piece of plexi-glass) and…Hurrah! It works like a charm.


Our guest bathroom.

After 16months in a Christmas theme, we finally undecorated our guest bathroom. We also hung up one of my favorite wedding gifts and…they look awesome in there (bonus we can see them from the hall!).


Having a coat rack

I am not really compliant about hanging my coat in the closet. Solution…coat tree. I really like having it so far. (beside it, another of my favorite wedding gifts, see our very own original piece of art!). I need to be careful not to have too many coats racked at a time though.


Having some wedding pics up

I just bit the bullet and threw some wedding pictures up and …I love it! They are hung opposite our bedroom door so I thought it might be a bit jarring to wake to ourselves but it’s cute.


Other things I am loving:

Longer days
This short week
Babies in Hoberman Spheres


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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I was wondering about your guest bathroom Nordic looking winter decor. Now I know you two aren't crazy. Love the Scrabble tiles! I know M had plans (or desires) to rip the green countertop out of there. Is that still on the books?