Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Still here

I don’t have a ton to say but I am avoiding hitting the treadmill so I thought I’d say hi.

Let’s do this bullet style:

- I want to get better at sewing. I sort of stink at it right now but I am getting better. I finally made something where the finishing was pretty darn good.

- Watching what you eat is a bummer. M and I are doing pretty well with it but it still sucks to have to give what we eat so much thought.

- On that note, we have been making some really great meals lately! I have latched onto this blog and her recipes have all been pretty awesome. It has also been good to get back to cooking together more often and planning our week of meals.

- I am 7 weeks into Hal Higdon’s intermediate half marathon plan. I had done everything indoors up until my long run this weekend. Lucky for me, it was a beautifully sunny temperate day on Sunday.

- I had a job shadow! M’s BFF’s 16 year old came and spent the morning in lab with me. It was fun to get to spend a little time with him. Every time we go over to his house this one stays very quiet so it was cool to spend one on one time with him. Hopefully it wasn’t too boring…we pH’d solutions.

Wow, I’m more boring than I thought. That’s all for now.

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