Monday, March 5, 2012


I am THRILLED that it is March.

This month has all sorts of greatness coming up.

1. Daylight savings! I am SO glad to be rid of that extra hour. I need it to be light out later, it renews my spirit.

2. We have a house guest this month! It’ll force us to get out and be Seattle tourists a bit.

3. My 4th running of the St. Pat’s Dash with DSF (3rd with her Smile ).

The first time we met! I guess we couldn’t even be pictured together

4. Hunger Games movie. I have never been a big trendy movie gal but I really liked these books and am all in for seeing the movie. I was hoping to host a Hunger Games dinner party using the cookbook M got me for Christmas. Timing isn’t good now (maybe when Emily comes over in April) but the Pacific Science Center is coming through for us! I love the Science Center and I am excited about the movie. WIN-WIN!


5. Mercer Island Half Marathon. This one I am not so much excited about as anxious about. I have been pretty good on my training program and feel like I should be ready by then. Last year was so terrible though, I just want to feel better about it this time. I have been doing speed work on the treadmill and have been hitting the hills for the past few weekends.

6. The premiere of Make it or Break It. I am not proud to like a show on the ABC Family channel but this show is so amazing. It is about elite gymnasts and…it is an Olympic year. I love Payson. You don’t see characters on TV often enough who are seriously goal oriented and work relentlessly hard, while remaining genuinely nice to others, to reach that goal. She is the most passionate character I’ve ever seen on TV and I love her for it. 

7. M’s dad may come out to visit us. I would really love to have him since the last time he was here we had been pretty wedding absorbed and fed him mainly banquet leftovers. Would be great to have a bit more relaxed time.


Those are my biggies for March. Five days in and I like it so far.

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The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I'll second your excitement about March. Spring and lighter days? Absolutely!!