Saturday, March 5, 2011

Live writer testing and randomness

I finally installed Windows Live Writer.


Let us use this post to test it and to share Six random things for Saturday:

1. Bought wedding shoes. It was my first ever Nordstrom purchase (yay) but they didn’t have the color I wanted in my size so I had to have them ordered (boo).

toms silver

2. As I looked for that picture, I saw that they had them in blue now. Which was what I wanted and I had emailed them less than a month ago to ask if they were going to have. So, now I must wait for Nordies to ship, then return them and order the blue ones directly.

 toms blue

3. March is race time again. Next weekend is St. Pat’s Dash with DSF and the weekend after that is Mercer Island Half. Eep! I’ve been running fairly well and fairly consistently. I had a great 12miles weekend before last. I also finally found the picture from St. Pat’s 2009, the first time I met her! If it freaking snows again this year I will cry.


4. It is FINALLY time to change our clocks again! This is my favorite day of the year. It means more light after months of darkness. But, number 3 above is on Sunday morning, after changing our clocks…wonder how many people are gonna miss it.

5. I am getting so antsy to get out of town. Everyone I know has been jetting off to CA and openly mocking me with their smiling pictures. Plus I feel like it has been forever since I saw all of my CA loved ones. I am also about to top out on vacation time but am trying to keep it at the max for wedding+wedding recovery.

6. Some tax return money is supposed to go to new clothes…that is amazingly hard. Shopping sucks! Outfits needed: Engagement picture outfit, outfit for DSF’s wedding in May, general not-looking-like-a-slob outfit.

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socalohana said...

LOVE the sparkly blue shoes!!!