Thursday, September 17, 2009

Running Irk: race photos

Why are race photos so darn expensive? Seriously? Who out there is buying them?

I just feel like they are so exorbitantly priced that they out-price themselves. I don't even consider spending $40 to get a digital image of a race photo but at $5 or $10 I would certainly. I'm just not sure about their sales strategy.

Say there is a race with 4000 people, If 1:100 people (generously) are inclined to buy a $40 picture the gross revenue is $1600. But if 1:20 (maybe generous too) people that are willing to buy a $10 photo they gross $2000.

But maybe they find that the same people buy whether the cost is $10 or $40. And maybe I just have to be less cheap. Either way, there have been a few race pics of myself I'd've liked to have but alas NOT at that premium!

And really, WHO IS BUYING THESE? Because they must profit since there are always a million photgs out there.

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