Thursday, September 10, 2009

M2:weeks 2&3, plan revision

Weeks 2 and 3 brought a realization about this round of training. DSF mentioned that not only is Feb a bad time for a marathon (bulk of training in inclement weather) but that a 30 week build up is too mentally draining. This got me thinking about how to make this safe and sane.

One tentative plan was to train for the Seattle 1/2M with similar training sanity rules and then begin training for a spring marathon. I printed Hal's 1/2M:Intermediate training schedule and am almost done with week 1.

Overall it's been OK. Hal and I may be on different pages though. This plan has me running 5 days/week & strength/stretch the 6th day. It feels a bit much so I may look for a less aggressive plan…intermediate may be pushing it anyway.

We'll see I guess, well here is my compliance report for the past 2 weeks:

  1. Fashionably Flexible: Long runs on Fri, Sat OR Sun - whatever day works best for me. Basically success, the weekend I was in ATL I didn't do a long run. Last weekend, though, I was feeling good on Friday so I got in 7 miles
  2. Weak Weekdays: Only 3 times per week MAX and not over 5/6 miles. No need to go out and get injured. I have been lowering my weekday volume (not sure if this is compliance with rules or just being lazy and busy)
  3. Cerebral Caloric Intake: If you remember I gained weight on my first marathon, but I was a svelte sister on my 2nd one. Gotta watch what goes in the pie hole. In ATL I ate and ate well. Last week was pretty good. Ate most meals in and the Cap and I cooked multiple times. Felt really great
  4. Luscious Longies: 3 runs of 20+ plus miles, maxing out at 22 miles. Not there yet
  5. Yoga Yahoo: Continue to do Bikram at least 2 days a week - aiming for 3 Crosstrain. Not really. The Captain and I did a pretty grueling but very short set of hills (on the course to his work and back) and then I bounced at my nephew's b-day party (which was WAY hard and WAY FUN!)
  6. Healthapotamus: I have been trying to get good at using my Garmin (but see the previous post J).

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