Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bike Haiku

These made me laugh:

Ben Gay, good for legs
not as good for chamois cream
O God make it stop!
Rico M., 5/08

Damn! Another hill
Lord, please forgive my cursing
and level this land
Heather B., 4/08



16 Percent Grade
Climbing single speed
I attain the Republic
John N., 12/08

Blood and sweat and tears
Keep me riding all these years
God, I love to bike.
Nola O., 12/08

Forty-four F out
chattering fingers, feet, jaw
Peet's in a half hour
Pete H., 12/08

Bike Porn
EBay search engine
carbon fiber in my size
Are these pics for real?
Dan M., 11/08

Feeding the Winter Monkey
Bootlegs of Le Tour
rollers screaming, spraying sweat
my ersatz summer
Dan M., 11/08

Winter Kilograms
Where is my spare tire?
lift up my jersey, look down
damn now I see it
John L., 11/08

Sonoran Desert Winter
Fat tires are rumbling
over desert rocks once more
cool enough to ride
Casey C., 11/08

New blue bicycle
slicing through a windy prairie
wheat, corn, potatoes
Greg F., 9/08

Pedals, free my feet
World turning, now on my back
Pedals freed my feet
Steven T., 10/08

Big Beef
An eighth of a ton
only when going downhill
is fat oh so fast
John G., 6/08

Asphalt Cathedral
On the starting line
my idea of "Sunday Mass"
will begin shortly
Rico M., 5/08

Lessons Learned
First time in lycra
what, the padding goes inside?
so that's why they laugh
Rico M., 5/08

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Steve Stenzel said...

HA! Those are great!!