Monday, June 1, 2009

Green does not suit me

On Sunday Cap bought a new bike. It is so pretty. Scattante 560, it has a carbon fiber fork, Shimano 105's. It's light and fast. I think he got a good deal on a great bike.

And I am jealous.

Why, oh why is this freaking sport (triathlon) so damn expensive? Seriously, triathlon has turned me into a wanton retail whore. Mind you, I don't want to stop I just wish it was better aligned with where I am in life. While it sucks less than the previous state of being (early 20's so-broke-you-float-checks) it still sucks to be in this late-20's not-super-broke-anymore-but-trying-to-make-smart-decisions-toward-goals-even-when-that's-not-fun. I've never loved clothes or shoes or makeup or other things that can usually wind a recent graduate in trouble. But I want tri-gear. It's ridic. The gear, the clothes, the races, there is just so much to buy!

I have spent the last nearly 4 years getting my financial act in order but truly getting on top of things feels so slow and the road is being made longer by all the new things I want to own and to do and places I want to go to use and do them.

I think I am going to go on Suze Orman and ask her "Can I Afford" a new bike. And then she'll bonk me on the head and remind me that we're in a recession (possibly a depression). She will wonder if the cost of a new bike is worth derailing house buying plans in a buyer's market. She'll not so subtly imply that biotech is a tough business to be in and start-ups are the worst. Finances scare the crap out of me because I hate to think I'm wasting these years of potential interest compounding by thinking more of my income is disposable than it is actually is.

But I still want things.

Last summer I started a running list of all the tri-crap I wanted. Some of it I've acquired and some I still can't justify. Before acting on any of those purchases I actually dropped a chunk of change on a financial advisor. Because I wanted to know where I was and how to get where I want to be while still being able to indulge in the ridic every once in awhile. It didn't help; financial advisors just make me feel like I am so behind and the job of catching up seems so arduous.

Suze says "People first, then money, then things"

But I still want things.


Note: I am jealous of his new ride but I am SO excited he got it. It's going to be super fun riding together! I do love my bike and she and I have a lot more good miles together that I hope we'll share with The Captain and his new ride.

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