Monday, July 6, 2009

Catching up

I am a sucky blogger (luckily I have few readers to impress though). Have been up to a lot lately it just wasn't training. It has been a good couple weeks though so I'm going to do this as a catching up post.

  1. 10 year HS reunion

    This trip was awesome! The Captain and I headed down to San Diego late Thur night after a VERY trying day at work and on the roads on Thur (I got a freaking traffic ticket, GRRR!) and arrived safely in sunny dark San Diego and found our hotel. Friday was one of the most fun San Diego days I've had in recent memory. We drove out to my hometown El Cajon and I got to introduce him to 2 of my greatest culinary loves, the carne asada burrito and Yogurt Mill frozen yogurt (it was my first and coolest job). We then headed to one of my favorite places in the world, Balboa Park. We wandered around for a good while before heading to the beach. Did dinner on Coronado and wandered the beaches around the Hotel Del. SO GREAT!

    Saturday was the reunion. I had gotten a bit antsy about it since I wasn't sure how I felt about where I was in life and was really worried about the relationships I had let slip 10yrs ago. It was a good time and I had a big realization. I absolutely LOVED high school. Senior year I was class president, cheer captain, ASB treasurer, KEY club vice-president, voted most school spirit (J), etc. I LOVED school. It was a place where I worked hard and saw good things happen (events put on, cheer routines learned, funds raised, we got it done), it was also a bit of an escape from reality of sadder/tougher things that were happening at home and I let it consume me. But I kind of treated it as a job and didn't really form many strong friendships and I kept just busy enough to avoid dealing with my own stuff. But now I am. I decided at the reunion that I really like the person I've become/am becoming. I still like to be useful and see things get accomplished but I've also gotten much better at working on myself and working at building relationships with the people who are most important to me.

    The rest of the trip was almost as much fun. We went up to visit family and friends further north (Inland empire peeps and my college roomie who lives in Pasadena) and ate, wnet to the zoo, and ate. I had poor Captain on a strict carne asada burrito every 4-6hr diet but he was a trooper about it.

  2. First long bike ride in so long I can't remember

    Last year on the 4th of July I started a new personal tradition of doing a longish bike ride. To think and enjoy the weather and scenery, to remember. This year I had to work on my 4th of July holiday so I decided I would bike into work (in Seattle) from the Captain's (in Redmond). I wasn't sure what the distance was but I thought it would be long enough on my post vacation, very lazy, legs. The Cap rode 5miles out with me and then turned around and I continued on. The ride was good. Not great. The thinking and enjoying and remembering were great, the riding was hard. I can't let that much time lapse between rides. It wound up being 24.5miles which a year ago would have been cake (for example, my long ride last 7/4 was 50miles) but it was kinda hard. It was hot and by the time I got into work I had some shaky legs. It was great to get in some miles though.

  3. Firecracker 5000 Race Report

    The Cap's running mentor DSF had nudged us to do the Firecracker 5000. It is a 5K that steps off at 11:55pm on 7/3. We met up at my place and headed down to Seattle center. I'm not sure if it was the late hour or the fact that the race organizers are affiliated with cross country teams but I have never seen so many people warming up before a race. It was disturbing. We got our (KICK ASS) glow in the dark T-shirts and sat our booties down on the amazingly realistic astro-turf as we waited for the start. The race got started on time and we headed out into the Seattle night. I ran with the Captain which was pretty cool. It was fun having someone to ooh and ahh over the lights of Seattle at midnight plus, he was kind of awesome to see. I know he was nervous about this run after being on a bit of a running hiatus (see above; carne asada burrito schedule did not leave much room for running) but he pushed so hard. We did the first kilometer at about a 10min/mile pace…then there was a hill. Got up that OK but there were more hills to come. This race was great since the spectators were slightly inebriated bar hoppers and grumpy drivers. We received many high fives and before we knew it we were back at the stadium. I have to lodge a complaint though… the Cap and I ran the whole race together and when the finish line was in sight the stinker out touched me at the finish! And by psyching me out too! Hmph!

    SEE! Jerk!

    It was a fun race and I DSF seems to find races with much more reasonable start times so I am sticking with her. I did notice that I SUCK at motivating/encouraging people. #1, I don't want to sound condescending and #2, I personally thrive off of making really doom and gloom, snarky remarks but that is a personal preference that I'd hate to accidently use on the wrong person. Reason #2 is why SpeedyDDS and I are such good running buddies…we're both jerks. I do give an amazing high-five though.

  4. Upcoming:

    My company's team relay triathlon is coming up. Oughtta be interesting! It is also time to figure out what the next big challenge will be, got to sign up for something to get myself back on track. Victoria 2010 team?

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that - I saw the clock ticking away and just had to try to give a little more. If you look at the results, though, you finished one place ahead of me. Of course, you should have finished way ahead of me, so thanks for running with me! It was a lot of fun.

-The Captain