Wednesday, May 20, 2009


That is Open Water Swim folks.

May 19th, in Lake Washington (out of Seward Park).




I actually should probably call it an open water jog.

I met up with the Luna Chix Triathlon group at 6:00pm on a cold and rainy Seattle day. I knew it was going to be bad. I looked around at the other ladies and saw that there was only one person more screwed than I was (I with a sleeveless wetsuit and she with a short legged/sleeveless wetsuit). But I pulled on my wetsuit, rather expertly I must say, and was ready to go.

Putting my foot in the water I was actually optimistic about it. It was cold but I thought it'd be manageable. I eased into the water, loving my wetsuit. I took a few steps into the water and realized my feet were on fire and my legs were shaking like crazy. It was SO COLD but I started putting water into my wetsuit like usual; I tried SO hard to pee in my wetsuit but I was too cold to pee. I knew I was not going to last long. I started swimming toward the closest buoy with my head out of water. It wasn't too bad; I couldn't feel my feet or hands but my arms weren't numb and I was moving in the right direction. Naively, I then put my face in to get serious. WTF! Instant ice cream headache! I tried to stick it out a bit longer but between my feet, hands and face, I was a disaster! I backstroked a bit and swam for a few minutes with my head out.

Then I got out. 20minutes of just being in such cold water was all I could take. And I think it was an accomplishment. None of my OWS fears surfaced (maybe because hypothermia was kicking in) and I practiced moving around in my wetsuit again. I say success.

I got out and got out of my wetsuit right on the shore, went straight to the park benches to sign out with the Luna Chix and then headed home. I was chatting with my mom on the way home, telling her she raised a complete moron that voluntarily gets in ice water lakes, when I realized I had left my wetsuit on the beach. Genius! I sheepishly went back and retrieved it from a Luna Chick who thinks I am a Luna-tic (based on the OWS incident plus some general DA'ness at the bike ride last week).

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