Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Live blogging: Biggest Loser (well, it was tivo’d)

I record biggest loser but usually don't wind up watching (too much high drama and sensationalizing for my taste but inspirational nonetheless)


Tonight the sensationalism may have gone too far for me.


They gave the contestants 26 days notice that they were running a marathon. And this is with one man having a pre-existing injury. awesome


They are doing seemingly better than I did after 4 months of marathon training (I didn't have 17 weeks of a personal trainer yelling at me but still) which makes me happy for them and sad for me.


The adorable 19yr old is saying he can't give himself credit for the marathon cause he had to walk (he got INJURED trying to train in 26 days), that makes me sad.


Damn, Tara looks good. Maybe it was easy breezy for her. Hmm, her time was pretty close to ours but she looked far less ready to die.

The ladies rocked it!

The kid walked 26.2 miles on a bad hip…great. He won't need those silly joints in the future.

The dad is busy ruining his knees which just got over the stress of carrying around a 400lb man…great. And he is tweaking out (shaky hands, bp low)…awesome. He is now walking it with 9miles to go. He finished.


I guess this is their reaction to this story: http://www.everymantri.com/everyman_triathlon/2009/03/a-dq-for-biggest-liar-is-not-heroic.html


If they don't show the misery then won't a marathon loose its mystique? (it actually is making me think, "I could totally do it again one day" yikes!)

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