Friday, October 10, 2008

Serene Tiger

It happened. I had an amazingly zen-like long run. I was not planning on running very far. I was tired and sort of aching and it was early and I was meeting my sister and nephews later in the day. Since I had done 15 miles the last 2 weekends I had decided to do ~10miles or so but that morning I wasn't even sure I would make it 10minutes. I was sure I'd turn around and call it a day. So sure was I that I bet against myself by not carrying water or money or fuel and my Nike+ has been on the fritz, so I was +-less. But as I started running, it happened! A peace came over me and I was just loving the run. The quiet of the trail on a semi-rainy morning, the moist air, the fall colors that were starting to appear. I was having a great time and I just didn't want to stop or turn around.

At about 5miles (characteristically) I needed to find a restroom, the best I could do was a horribly up kept Honey Pot (ew!) but it sufficed and I was back on the road an feeling good. Now, since I have been marathon training I have been doing my best to soldier through any stomach rumblings and not stop for bathroom breaks but what I learned here is that I feel WAY better after I take a pit stop and it allows me to refocus on the run.

I ran blissfully until I passed section of trail I had never been to and, even though I was still feeling good, decided I should turn around. I did one extra loop of a beach park that I had never been to before and headed back.

It was a good long run. Not because it was fast and not because it was far but because I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the road.

A good long run.

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