Friday, October 3, 2008

One woman’s Brooks are another woman’s Manolos

I used to not be able to watch Sex and the City. The amount of excess in Carrie's fashion annoyed me and the money she spent on shoes sent me over the edge. I just couldn't fathom spending so much money on shoes. I actually still can't but I do now know what it is to lust over pricey shoes and to decide to buy shoes without looking at the price tag. For Carrie she fell in love and had to have them based on form, for me it is function.

I love my Brooks Glycerin5. I've had 2 pairs and they're awesome. They are comfy, provide just a bit of stability without feeling too bulky, lots of room in the toe and have a miraculous way of venting such that my sweaty feet don't stink too much. It is WAY beyond time to replace them (read: 3 months beyond time) but they moved into a new model number and no stores seem to carry the new ones and I can't find the old ones anywhere. Now, while I want to love the new model (because they are purple!) I'm not sure I will. They are super bulky in the heel which I am not stoked about.

I think it may be time to find new ones that make me say, "Hello lover"

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