Thursday, October 9, 2008

The horror

I just found out yesterday that I am considerably off on my estimation of distance. For example what I believed was a really awesome 18miles was somewhere between 16 and 17. I think my Nike+ is off by ~5-10%, which is not too big a deal when only going a couple miles but adds up quickly on the long runs.

I am actually not sad about for the physical side of things, I have plenty of time to put in more miles and I feel like they'll come if I keep at it. What I am really bummed about is the mental toll it is taking. I thought I had done 18miles and could check that milestone off. But now it is still ahead of me.

I was planning on doing a short-long run this weekend (11 or 12) but now I am considering making 18 official this weekend. How do I tell SpeedyDDS that mine was not a full 18?

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