Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Running is boring

Well, marathon training is boring.

I took a BYE last week on my training schedule. Not on purpose but I was tired from my 15mile run but not really physically tired. I was mentally tired.

I have come to truly love running and the benefits it has brought to my life are so real that I don't have the words to express it. Paradoxically however, I hate running. It is hard on your body, it can be hard on your mind, (for me here in Seattle especially) it can be hard to overcome the weather obstacles.

These long runs have really taken a toll. I like Pro/Con lists so I will include one here.



Reaching running milestones I would NEVER have imagined

Getting bored of the music in my iPod or, more frequently, of the thoughts in my head.

Pushing myself to go just a bit further.


Realizing that I am not hurting and my pace and stride is coming naturally

Running a long distance takes a long time

Seeing your fellow runners and other pretty cool sights on a long run.

People think you're insane

People think you're awesome

People annoyingly trying to scare you away from running with the following phrase "it's bad for your (fill in the blank)"

Helping convince people that it is less scary and more rewarding than they might ever have known.

Devoting a lot of time to training can alienate some friendships

You meet some AWESOME people!

The cost of gear, races and other paraphernalia.

Um…a variety of T-shirts to choose from for PJs and to paint in.

Feeling so hungry you are afraid you'll eat everything in the fridge.

Being able to eat everything in the fridge…and ordering a pizza (kidding!)

The dread of looking at your training schedule and having NO IDEA how you'll ever accomplish it

Completing a nightmarish workout or work out week.

Etc., etc., etc….

So, by careful balancing of above, I will keep running (and running and running). I will realize that this funk is a passing phase and the sheer act of pulling myself out of is an accomplishment.

It's Tuesday, so 4miles here I come. Back on track.

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